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Band Biog 

Leather & Lace was initially conceived back in 2014 when rhythm kings Ian Danter and  Gary Piears – Banton started looking for like-minded musicians wanting to put together a top quality theatre rock show playing the very best classic rock anthems and power ballads that had inspired generations of music fans. Keyboard man Oscar Cuthbert was soon recruited to broaden the band’s repertoire, and having found two guitar players, rehearsals began in earnest. The band were gigging by 2016 after recruiting vocalists Mark Thompson – Smith & Tanyth Roberts and guitarist Glenn Quinn. They  quickly began to build a following and a reputation as a great live act, and in 2021 the final piece of the jigsaw was put in place when guitarist Jon Sudbury came on board.  Things were going  so well that it was definitely time to step up to the next level....which is  where Transmedia742.Net’s Arthur Anderson and Tony Henderson came into the picture,  adding their years of production expertise to the band’s undoubted abilities, and creating The Bootleg Rock Show featuring Leather & Lace. 

 So who are “ The Magnificent Seven ? “



Mark Thomson – Smith : Lead Vocals

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Since joining his first band at the tender age of fourteen, Mark’s vast experience has taken him pretty much all around the world, encompassing stints fronting 70’s glam-rockers The Sweet in Sweden, NWOBHM stalwarts Praying Mantis, with whom he toured Japan, as well as recording, releasing and touring his solo LP I” A Far Cry From New jersey “in America. Latterly Mark has been helping find the next generation of rock stars through his Ready To Rock School in Hampshire.

And finally ....In 2020 Mark was awarded the British Empire Medal by Queen Elizabeth II for services to music and fundraising for local charities !


Tanyth Roberts : Lead Vocals


If you’re Welsh it’s almost the law that you can sing, and Tanyth is no exception. She started performing from a very young age before undertaking six years of professional vocal training, which helped give her the amazing range and strength she displays at every show. This was followed by  many years of performing everything from opera to pop, and this variety of styles  has  turned her into an absolute  powerhouse of a singer. Luckily for us, rock music is her real love. Sorry, opera....

And finally... Tanyth has a university degree in Musical Theatre, but fortunately we have never yet seen her have an attack of “ jazz hands “ !


Ian Danter : Drums & Vocals


This son of Warwick is a true polymath...multi-instrumentalist, singer, musical director, DJ for Planet Rock radio and one of Talk Sport’s most popular commentators. Along with Gary he was for many years a mainstay of the UK’s leading KISS tribute band, Dressed To Kill, but he has also played with Dizzy Lizzy, New Jersey, Sons Of God and Shotgun Wedding, and cites KISS, Rush, Jellyfish, Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick and Queen among his main influences.

And finally.... Ian has released three solo albums, the most recent being this year’s “ Rule Of Three “, on which he plays almost everything ! 


Gary Piears – Banton : Bass & Vocals


A native of Wimbledon, Gary decided from an early age to carry the legacy of his local melodic rock heroes The Wombles into his musical future ! Along with Ian, he was also in Dressed To Kill as the inimitable Gene Simmons, complete with fire-breathing, so it was a natural progression when the pair started Leather & Lace. Influences as diverse as  funk, Motown KISS and Styx mean that Gary has a unique style that’s perfect for the hugely varied repertoire of L & L.

And finally....Gary is an endorsee of Spector bass guitars, and has the largest collection of Spector basses in Europe ! 


Oscar Cuthbert : Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals


Surrey boy Oscar has been playing since he was six years old, and really did grow up in a showbiz family, having been part of his father Bill’s highly successful function band since his early teens. A dab hand at sound and lights, Oscar is also the L & L “ go to “ guy for all things techie, but it’s his keyboard wizardry that is his real calling card. A band member since 2015 and an absolutely fundamental part of the Leather & Lace sound.

And finally.....When not playing with L & L, Oscar can be found channelling his inner Teuton with Rammstein tribute Deine Mütter. Wunderbar !


Glenn Quinn : Guitar & Vocals


Watford – born but South Wales – raised, Glenn started playing guitar in school and counts Brian May, Eddie van Halen, Jimmy Page and Angus Young among his heroes and influences. Glenn has played with the likes of Survivor’s Dave Bickler and Bernie Marsden as well as recording two albums with Son Of Man. Mostly recently Glenn has been  guitar-slinging and recording with Myke Gray         ( Skin / Jagged Edge ) between gigs with L & L and  Bootleg Rock Show.

And finally....Glenn credits seeing the film Flash Gordon at the age of 10 for instilling a life-long love of Queen. That’ll explain the Brian May influence, then....


 Jon Sudbury : Guitar & Vocals


The newest recruit to L & L, and the third member of the band’s “ Welsh Mafia “ ( the Taffia ? ) Jon is a veteran of the “ tribute circuit “ having spent ten years playing with a whole range of acts. In 2013 he was asked to join Nashville artist Stacie Collins’ band,  and toured internationally with her for several years. Since then Jon has been releasing a steady stream of self – penned songs, which can be found on all the major streaming sites, as well as performing with The Thrillionaires and, of course Leather & Lace and the Bootleg Rock Show 

And finally.....Despite his angelic features, Jon is actually a pretty mean exponent of martial arts !